Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Ring of Beara

Today we drove around the remaining part of the Ring of Beara so over the Healy Pass and then on toward Castletownbere to the cable car at Dursy Island.
We didn't take the cable car over to Dursey island as dogs were not allowed.
We left here and went to a small neighbouring beach-Garinish
Another little beach near Allihies.
We stopped for lunch at Eyeries then travelled through Ardgroom to Lauragh.
On the way to Kenmare we stopped at Glenninchaquin Park. Many miles down a track but so worth the journey at the end. We did what was supposed to be a two hour walk up and over the waterfall but we were obviously fitter than most as we made it in 80mins. We were amazed at how Smudge managed as a very steep incline climbing up the mountain for the first 40mins.
From the photo above we walked to the right and up onto the ridge where there was a lake on the other side.we then walked over the top of the waterfall that you can see and down the other side.
Our car is the small speck slightly to the left in front of the building to the left of the photo.
On the way back down.
Photos of the gentle river walk at the bottom.


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