Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sunday afternoon drive around the Ring of Beara

The weather is amazing at the moment, so warm even for a t shirt at times. Not too much driving today after yesterday's long journey but walked a lot this morning so time for a. Little coastal scenery.
Smudge spent most of her time with her head out the window catching the breeze even when J stopped for a photo.
It was difficult keeping Smudge away from the sheep and she cried at them from the car window
Above-Healy Pass is where we took this photo from and then we continued along the route seen to Adrigole and onto Glengarriff.

We stopped at Molly's cottage and farm. Molly Galivan had been quite a lady making poitin out the back of her cottage.
Molly's pigs are not as well off as the Henderson's -sty is pretty basic!!
After tea we had a walk up the ridge of the mountain behind the cottage and by 1900hrs it was still so mild outside we had our cuppa in the front garden and watched the sun go down.

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