Monday, 8 December 2014

Thanksgiving with family

had such a wonderful time the photos and comments will never do it justice. It was a delight to be with my American side of the family. Ever since my first visit many years ago I have felt at home there.
I was in shock when I saw Bruce's dad eating jam DH bread with his Turkey dinner and even more shocked to realise that was quite the norm for them. The food was wonderful and quite a joint affair between the Kloters, Krauses, Forbes and in laws. I did help Karyn prepare the veg which really wasn't much.
Karyn's Apple pie was gorgeous but then there was Margaret's lemon meringue and that was only two out of the many choices.
It was snowy out but very cosy indoors

Clara and Katie played for us
It's about three years since I saw the kids and they are so grown up all of a sudden.
Margaret and her grand daughters

The Forbes family
Margaret, Al and all the grand kids

Sad to leave them all as always

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