Sunday, 15 February 2015

Now that I am back- fundraising continues

This was my second trip to Kiwoko in Uganda and it was even better than the first. I seemed to settle into the climate and way of life quicker than last time. I was also able to pick up friendships I had made last time as if I hadn't left. Here in the UK I have everything I could want and more and yet whilst in Kiwoko there were only 3 things I missed:- Jonathan, Smudge and water (especially hot water).

This visit I became aware of even more things that could be done for Kiwoko hospital and the people there. I have purchased some surgical instruments since my return which will make life a little easier for the surgeons doing the best for the patients but there is so much more needed. I hope to have a pampered chef morning and a coffee morning and slide show in the next few months as well as a dolls house and craft fair at the end of the year.

If you think you can help in any way please donate as every penny counts

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Farewell to Uganda

The time has gone by so fast I can barely believe we are leaving in a few hours. My last teaching session was at 8am this morning. I am sure it won't take me long to get back to my late nights and lie ins.I will have to pick up the pace again when I get home! At least it's some time before I start back to work looking forward to catching up with J and friends over the weekend and lots of cuddles from Smudge.

Meanwhile everything continues here as usual

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Craft ladies and farm visit

Last year I never visited the farm so was delighted I could this time. They lost 6 cows and have 30 at the moment. I really enjoyed milking and was surprised how easy it was but would be very tiring after a while.
They have 70acres of farm and considering future use.
The ladies thoroughly enjoyed mKing their cards. I asked what they did with their cards last year and some still had them, some gave as gifts and some had no idea.
Farewell to the Bakers who still have some time left here


Final day for craft and some teaching

Morning teaching session with staff of male ward and Julius from female. We ran a bit late as morning prayers ran late. This in turn held Dr Roy up with his ward round but this is Uganda and I will miss it so much.
Last day with the craft ladies and everyone was very enthusiastic making their thank you(Weebale) cards. I even had some of our team as well as Paul's mum and an English student nurse. It was sad leaving the ladies and they wanted to know when I was coming back.
In the photo below I am with Shadrach. Last year he was at each of the sessions with his mummy and when I asked her about him last week she said she said she would bring him to see me and was true to her word.

Time with friends

I was teaching the female ward this morning about vital signs and the male ward this afternoon. Yet again their enthusiasm is amazing. It was lovely to have time with friends this evening. Although this is only my second time here the friendships seem a lot longer. Joy and I worked in female last year together and she cMe to all my teaching sessions. The latter part of the evening we spent with the Wilsons.
Tania opened the fashion school as she had some things to sort for the upcoming term.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Work in the community

It was lovely to meet up with friends from last year, connive above who is a wonderful midwife who will be a great loss when she retires in two years . Ruth below who worked in female with me last year and now in community and managing epilepsy patient.
I love the community here as it's much like my own job ,very varied. I helped initially with baby clinic chatting with mothers about children's percentiles and all babies today were healthy babies slightly above average weight
Connor led a team on contraceptive advice. A group of ladies did some role play explaining it wasn't fair to have lots of children when they couldn't feed them and they ate the neighbours fruit and Connie explained contraceptive methods available. Then a group of ladies danced for fun.
We also went through the rough to visit some epileptic patients to check on medicine storage and adherence as well as general well being
This lady burnt her arm in a fire when she had a seizure and wanted a photo to warn other people of the risk.
We then visited some model homes that show what they recommend for hygiene and cooking.

Wash hand basin and soap dispenser
Plate rack
Wash area

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Before and After

Rocky the turkey before and after. He was probably the nicest Turkey I have ever tasted, well done to the staff who prepared him

Work goes on for the carers on one side of Kiwoko hospital and children's club on other

Some relatives washing clothes for the patient they are caring for.quite impressed by the male member
The kids have made a slide to play on whilst waiting for club to start
Duck,duck, goose as popular here for young kids as it is at home

Older kids play ball
Theatre work continues

Praise and thanksgiving to God this sabbath day

Today is like thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one.turkey arrived from Winnie as a gift to Ruth so we are having it for supper this evening

Sunday school was at 0800hrs and led by Tina whom I worked with in the HIV clinic.

gospel service at St Johns this morning with a focus on Romans 6:23

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Evening adventures

We took a walk around Luwero market this evening before tea

After tea we had to make plans.last year I received gifts of handmade jewellery and a bag and my colleague got a pineapple but this year she has been given a turkey. We called this evening to see it and it had to be taken down out of a tree. Tomorrow evening we are having it for our tea

Mark had named it Rocky so Roisin isn't sure if she could bring herself to eat it now