Monday, 2 February 2015

Entebbe, Uganda- what God can do with a pair of scissors

We all got a good sniff before boarding by a black cocker spaniel who tracked one guy down and invaded his bag, not sure what became of him but fortunately not from setrust. We were delayed an hour on the Tarmac as a guy collapsed and paramedics had to tAke him off. Thankfully there was a doctor in front of us so we could relax but it took an age retrieving his luggage. A very pleasant flight until touch down where I think the pilot must have thought he had a few more metres there were a few cries and curses and quite an upset looking stewardess. Then the Ugandan choir on board sang for us.
It was amazing that there were a queue of new trellises waiting for us unlike last year when we could only find one, but it wasn't over yet....
Despite documentation they wanted to hold our drug packs. We stood our ground and a senior guy came to question us. He wanted to know what they were being used for asked if we were Christians and asked to inspect the drugs to make sure they were in date. Thanks to Sainsburys for donating scissors we were able to open the packs for inspection and we left the guy with a smile on his face when I gave him the scissors as a Thankyou. He said he would remember us every time he looked at the scissors. The amazing thing about the scissors was that I didn't actually request them from Sainsburys this year but when they knew I was going back they offered them. They had then forgotten to give them to Jonathan but late Friday afternoon one of the managers phoned asking would we go over for the scissors  which we did. A short journey to guest house which was very comfortable.
Looks like they are prepared for Ugandan weather flip flops and an umbrella

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