Thursday, 5 February 2015

Just one photo today

Just the one photo today as not appropriate due to the nature of my day. I was in theatre for two c sections. It's been many years since I have been in theatre and even longer for a c section. Despite it being kiwoko procedures are pretty much the same despite some restrictions on resources.

Having a very experienced obstetrician makes it all look so easy. Both c sections were straight forward and both ladies had had two previous. Big healthy boy at and the second a big healthy girl. When I say big I mean in Ugandan terms probably fairly average at home.

This afternoon Roisin and I went to a back care lecture the physios were giving to the students. The projector broke and took time to get another. Then the rain came and we couldn't hear Moses with the noise of thunder and rain pelting on the roof. About twenty minutes later we got a microphone and then the power went off. Someone arrived then with a screen. Despite all this the lecture was similar to home with a few additions such to extend your broom using branches

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