Monday, 2 February 2015

Meeting old friends and settling into Kiwoko

Lovely meal yesterday evening supplied by Sam and his team, some time of pulse stew with potatoes. There was a pie which we thought looked like rhubarb so when we had our fill we thought we would check out the pie only to realise it was mince and was supposed to be the main part of our meal. so guess what we are having this evening
It's so lovely to be back and a great welcome from everyone at morning prayers. I spoke to some student nurses from Queens just starting their second week, Emily and Nicola. It was sad to hear about the decline of the farm due to the loss of a few cows which may make the business non profitable and it has been a source of income for the hospital.
Roisin got fitted out with uniform to start working in NICU and Karen got started with records.
I went in pursuit of the sisters in male and female. I had a chat with Julius who was working inthe training   school last year and now working with Sister Grace. I found sister Grace eventually in pharmacy and had a chat about upcoming training. We stopped to chat to patients as we walked back to the ward one mother wanted me to touch her little boy. She didn't want her child to be afraid of a mzunga and felt if I touched him he would be happy. He wondered why I was white so I explained we had very little sunshine in Ireland.

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