Sunday, 15 February 2015

Now that I am back- fundraising continues

This was my second trip to Kiwoko in Uganda and it was even better than the first. I seemed to settle into the climate and way of life quicker than last time. I was also able to pick up friendships I had made last time as if I hadn't left. Here in the UK I have everything I could want and more and yet whilst in Kiwoko there were only 3 things I missed:- Jonathan, Smudge and water (especially hot water).

This visit I became aware of even more things that could be done for Kiwoko hospital and the people there. I have purchased some surgical instruments since my return which will make life a little easier for the surgeons doing the best for the patients but there is so much more needed. I hope to have a pampered chef morning and a coffee morning and slide show in the next few months as well as a dolls house and craft fair at the end of the year.

If you think you can help in any way please donate as every penny counts

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  1. HI Jayne, your blog is amazing and gave me a little insight of what what the daily life is like at Kiwoko. I am heading over on 22 Aug with a CMS group of 10 which includes my sister and niece and reading this has made it all more real . Rory &Denise have been over and i hav been on facebook with Tania Baker but this is fantastic . The people look so inviting and so relaxed I just cant wait to meet them and im sure we will learn so much more from them .Tho i do hope we can encourage and share life with them albeit for 2 wks while Gods plan unfolds for us. thank you again for taking the time to post your blog .