Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Coffee and craft and fundraising for Kiwoko

Our craft sessions have been quieter over the winter session but things are heating up.our Lampeter chef event was very successful with Kellie as our chef. It was a fun morning with African gifts as well as culinary tools and lots to earn. 

We raised just over £100 and each month we have an average of £50 from donations so a big thankyou to all who contribute.
Kellie ensured all who wanted to participate got the opportunity.
I have had to take some time out with my art as so much going on but all being well I will be back in April.

 I have became very enthusiastic with crochet again and it has taken up most of my craft mornings and patchwork jun the evenings as I aim to make a throw for my bed.
Sian's cushions

I ran out of natural yarn on the last round so the completed photo will look a bit different in the next blog.

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