Sunday, 1 March 2015

Having fun with crochet

It didn't take me long to settle back into the weather and culture. Work is as busy as ever but plenty of time for coffee, craft, cake and crochet. Crochet has really taken off recently but for many years it was an impossibility for me. I honk being a knitter first affected my notions on how to crochet.  
My grandmother tried to show me as a child but my tension was so tight I only managed hats for my Cindy dolls. A friend of my other grand mother had no further success with me and at that point I tried every other craft avoiding crochet. It had also become a bit dated so not a necessity I felt. As an adult my friend Shirley who was very accomplished, a skill she gained from her grand mother tried to teach me but again no success.

I suppose it's like everything else in life if you really want to do it you will. When I met Hilary I was amazed at the crochet work she had done and much prettier and fashionable than what I had seen as a child. I was determined to learn so I got on to u tube and was pleasantly surprised how easy I found it....what on earth was my problem before.i did and still do get a bit confused with USA and English stitches but Hilary keeps me right. It was her interlocking crochet that I was determined to do. Nothing like starting off simply!!! I did two cot blankets for gifts and was hooked,literally.Tanis galiks book is amazing and I highly recommend. The diagrams are so easy to follow even for a beginner like me.
I spotted this pattern for an owl obsession baby blanket and after having the wool in USA posted to my aunts for me to collect in my trip at thanksgiving I was ready to go. The pattern wasn't clear at first. I think it over simplified the directions so much it confused me with the different wording but Hilary interpret ate for me and I was in a role. Very interesting as plenty of different stitches to keep my attention, not needing to do two things at once which is my norm.

Some of my original pieces are below
This ripple blanket for Smudge was my first ever attempt. The edges are far from straight and it is made up of scraps of wool and acrylic but Smudge loves it. I have a cam and white ripple in progress at the moment.
Made for a friend going through chemo
Hats and blankets to raise funds for Kiwoko
My second interlocking crochet blanket

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