Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Life as Smudge sees it

The last few months have been crazy with bags being placed and unpacked and I can't figure out who is going or staying. As it happens I wasn't going anywhere until thus month when I got o gave a holiday with my friend Minnie.
I was no sooner back home when my friend TJ came for a sleep over.

He was a bit excitable at first but U showed him who was boss and we got on well from there and even had a few outings to one if my favourite places-Mountstewart.
Spring is coming not that I see too much evidence other than my visit to the groomers which has left me shivering. A good excuse for more cuddles and I think my mom is crocheting me a new blanket.
The house is as busy as ever with people coming and going but I don't mind so long as they know what I say goes and it was nice to have my granny and granda visit as that meant lots more cuddles

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