Saturday, 4 April 2015

Rising increase in crochet

I am on my second bag and second owl blanket but there are so many other projects I would love to do. It took me many years to get round to pursuing crochet but have realised in the last few weeks how many friends and colleagues who would love to crochet. I found you tube helpful but also a little confusing as I managed to teach myself the U.S. Stitches even though I live in the UK so here are a few stitches to start off step by step. Ensure you use a hook appropriate to the ply of yearn you are using. If you goigle you will find many charts that suggest which hook suits which weight of yarn. In time thoug if working to a pattern you may have to adjust your hook depending on your tension. These examples are done in chunky and a 5mm hook as it's what I happen to be using at the moment.
See below on making your first loop

You then need to make a chain before starting any pattern(apart from those that start with a ring, but that for another time) in the early stages I found it easier to keep my tension looser than it would have been when I was knitting. When I didn't I broke the ends off a few hooks initially!!


This is the first chain and repeat until you have enough chains for the pattern. I am doing twenty before I start single crochet which is the UK double crochet.

I have put the hook in the second chain from the hook and the. Wrap the will around the hook

And pull it through the stitch. This leaves two loops on the hook
Wrap wool around the hook and pull through the two loops to complete your stitch.

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