Saturday, 23 May 2015

A Day Out Locally

The weather hasn't been great but then it's Northern Ireland and we learn to live with the uncertainty as to what the day will bring even if it is all four seasons in one day.
Corrog wood although small was ideal for Smudge to have a snif around off the lead. No sunshine but no rain either so very pleasant.
The young trees seem to be coming on well but looking at the chart to the proposed forest in 500years got me thinking. I could never imagine that future ahead and thankful I live One Day at a Time....

We stopped at the old gas works by Mountstewart that we have driven by for many years and never explored.

Smudge of course liked to walk by the water.

We travelled on around the peninsula stopping at small bays and beaches on the way.
It was wonderful to have a day out as I do spend so much time on the sofa or at the table crafting. Smudge also could be quite happy lounging on the sofa and eating snacks. Talking about snacks I cannot get myself into my summer menus because of the temperature I am still into casseroles and soups. The National Trust magazine came out and within there were a few recipes. One reminded me of Africa- water melon and strawberry cocktail so I decided to give it a try and it was yummy.

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