Monday, 4 May 2015

Getting back to Miniatures

Dollshouse miniatures was my main hobby for many years and I taught children and adults. However so many crafts crept into my life and so much less time to run clubs which involved making at least twenty kits for each was lovely to catch up with my Dollshouse friends for a meal. 

I am planning a Dollshouse and miniature exhibition with craft fair in Saturday 17th October in Sydenham Methodist Church halls to raise funds for Kiwoko in Uganda. The MGM fair on Saturday also gave me a chance to catch up with old friends.

I purchased some basics for my large Deneway dollhouse that is a work in progress

I just got back to working on this after a few years and started applying some paperclay to imitate the old masonry.i also added some more bricks.

The door is now in permanently. I rejoined my old minis4all group and found a lady with a similar house.  It's been a good relaxing week off work and enjoyed getting back to the hobby.

Purchase at the fair made by Ann Clarke

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