Monday, 11 May 2015

Spoilt for choice

At the moment I am working between crocheting the Lily pond throw and working on my dollhouse but the patchwork pieces are also calling out to me especially since I attended the wonderful display at Glastry Methodist church.the work on display there was amazing.
This was one of many but unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me. 

So far I am managing to keep up with the crochet plan and thoroughly enjoying the new blocks.almost two done of this section (see first picture) and still some time before the ne t pattern comes out. I have taken up Pilates so I am not sitting around crafting all the time and Smudge still needs her walks as well as time with friends.
A visit to her friend Daisy's house.
Daisy showing her authority by claiming the window seat. 
The dollhouse is progressing slowly and have found the rolling of paperclay hard work

Trying out some new menus as we all get a bit bored with the same diet. This one is from Sainsburys. The chicken is coated in cashews and the veg stir fried in garlic, lime and is yummy even for my DH who isn't great with greens.

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