Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Cinque Terre

Today we took the train from Pisa Central to La Spezia which is€29 round trip. Directions given are not great so don't always believe the first person who gives them even if they work for the public transport system. 

This area was badly hit in the 2011 floods and some parts are still not passable by foot and lots of work going on to maintain safety.
We went to the furthest village first which is the largest and the biggest beach area then worked our way closer to La Spezia by hopping on and off the train.
It was all very picturesque but most things more expensive than Pisa especially the food.
We spoke to many folk mostly American and Canadian. An area completely inaccessible by wheelchair and prams had to be carried up and down many steps and on and off the train.
Lots of places to rent if you wanted to stay overnight.
These two characters caught my eye and mDe me think of my cousin Mandi whom I know used to collect frogs.
I got some cherries to eat as I paddled along the shore.
J had ice cream and I managed a couple of sorbets today although not as nice as the one I got in Lucca.
Carniglia was the steepest to get to but the steps were shallow and winding.

Another wonderful day just loving Italy

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