Friday, 26 June 2015

Mountstewart in Summer

There is rarely a week that goes by that we haven't been to Mountstewart at least once. We love it and Smidge does to, just the motion of the name and she is excited and that last bend as we drive round the coast she can barely contain herself with excitement as she jumps on my knee.
We were delighted that all seven cygnets have survived this time round. We don't go to close as the parents become very protective and hiss at Smudge.

I enjoy the mid week walks the most when there are. Less people around but you get the odd tourist wanting to meet someone's almost as if you are part of the attraction, dog included much to Smudges delight.

Hopefully in the next few weeks Smudge and I will get some time to spend a longer period there midweek to craft or sketch.

More walkways are being introduced but Smudge is quite set in her ways and knows the routes she likes.

Then it's back home to our own little corner with scented flowers and crochet flowers
Catching up on my lily pond crochet along.

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