Monday, 1 June 2015

No sign of summer

The blossoms are beautiful on our lane but we still love a walk in Mountstewart
We are still trying to fit our walks in around rain showers, it really feels like April instead of June. Looking forward to a bit of heat at the weekend when we will be in Pisa. Poor Smudge will be at home having to put up with the showers.
Smudge loves her naps like me but when J utters the word Mountstewart no matter if she is snoring the ears peRk up and then she races to the door.
The colours are very vibrant now and lovely to see the new cygnets have survived so far.
Guess who is tired after her exploring?
Art continues until end of June when it will be a bit more random. Below are my attempts in class but at home the time has been spent crocheting
This was afte a long break from sketching and below I got back to watercolour after a few months.
Lily pond cal in progress. The latest block fourth one almost completed.

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