Saturday, 20 June 2015

Summertime in Old Forge

In N.Ireland it can be hard to tell what the weather will be. In fact if you were to arrive in a time machine you may have no idea what season it is unless you have a garden.

I am not a great gardener but do some weeding and pruning in occasions. The display in the Summer is primarily down to J

We have a front,back and side garden all of which are very small. However because none are actually square or rectangular there seems to be so much more you can do to make it interesting.

We enjoy our walks around Mojntstewart and have purchased many plants there and from their sellers in craft days.

Looking forward to visiting an open garden this weekend and the garden weekends coming up at Mountstewart, not that we have much more space for plants but maybe another pot or two.

We have lots of things disguised by climbers and J is in the process designing something to hide the refuge bins.

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