Monday, 8 June 2015

The best way to get around Lucca

The tandem was by far the best way to get around Lucca. However we got there later than planned as the train was in a 30min delay , so it's just not the planes. We circled the city walls and then nipped in to various sites were it was easy to lock up the bike and have a stroll or ice cream and sorbet. The bike hire was 14 euro for 3 hrs. We are finding everything very reasonably priced and especially the food.
We met a little Westie called Piazzo. We have met a few dogs but the only Westie so far and he was more than happy to have his ears scratched and a cuddle thanks to his owner in the Anfitheatra.
There was a gentle breeze as we circled the walls but when you stopped you could feel the 31degree temp.
It's so quaint and reminds me of Dickens.

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