Sunday, 7 June 2015

Welcome to Pisa

Well we thought we would never get here as there was an engine problem with the plane that they couldn't fix or get a part for. However they flew a plane with its crew from Manchester to pick us up and we were on our way. It was 2am before we settled down our first night. 

Broken down plane

We took a bus from the airport and despite the driver stating he would tell us where to get off he didn't so we ended up still on the bus at the end of the why didn't we get a taxi like the hotel recommended!!! Anyway with my sat nag which seems to work even better in Italy than the Ards peninsula we took to foot and enjoyed the night life of Pisa as we walked. Huge groups of young people in squares..piazza.. making their own innocent entertainment. The architecture was amazing even n the dark of night. Very easy to spot the two tourists trailing cases and wearing coats whilst others babble in Italian in shirts and shorts.
The hotel was easy to find and so welcoming. I had emailed ahead to warn of delay and they asked us of our wellbeing on arrival and were so courteous.
The maid the next day despite only having been here seven hours cleaned the room and changed the bed linen with such vigour I had to plead with her that there really wasn't any need to vacuum!, I definitely want to take her home with me.
Breakfast in the garden was delightful with a selection of breads, pastries, hams,fish, cereals and even caviar. The decor throughout the hotel is so quaint with all its hand painting.I do have to sit in the hall to get wifi as walls and doors are so think but I feel like I am in heaven,cherubs included!!
I think I could live here but then I could say that everywhere I travel a bit like the song "wherever I lay my hat that's my home"

Definitely the place for a painting trip Julie Douglas and co.
I have to come back

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