Friday, 17 July 2015

Staying close to home

I have had a few ailments that have kept me close to home saving my energy when I must go to work. Even walking the dogs has been problematic. However the weather hasn't been that exciting so I have been more than happy to catch up in things around the house. Memories still of Italy and the food there have influenced my cooking.
I got my bunny finished with the peacock wonder soft merry go round and started one in marshmallow.
The girls have been very well behaved and patient in their walks although can be difficult when they want to go separate directions.

It doesn't take too much to wear them out as the slightest noise outside leads them to racing laps of the garden.
More work on the quilt for our bed.i just love it and it was the influence from the quilts in collectible quilt company that encouraged me in this design. Most of the antique quilts there are made up of a majority of white those days would have been flour bags but I have opted for cotton curtain lining which makes the project inexpensive.
Two more sessions and my Lily pond crochet along will be complete.i have really enjoyed this style craft project and it has advanced my level of crochet.

..and with two dogs in the house there is plenty of housework. I filled the machine twice with toys and throws.

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