Thursday, 13 August 2015

At last the weather

Needless to say we didn't spend too much time indoors today. Anna worked on the hem of her skirt whilst Will did some gardening and Poppy was at kidzone.
We went to Castle expire in the afternoon. It's been two years since we were there and a few ever the event advertised was made out to be much more than it was. Poppy enjoyed finding the birds from the posters and discussing them with the staff member.

We checked out the lookouts and followed the history of the old kiln works.

Poppy below in the dig.

Back to Stone Age
And some climbing.however when you are two years older the wall doesn't seem as challenging.
Some interesting butterfly species and fun in the secret swamp

Anna did get a little muddy with the help of Will

After tea we took the dogs to Millisle beach and we were all shocked when Anna went in for a swim. Poppy met some friends from kidzone

All dogs needed showers when we got back.daisy ended up with two because after the first one she rolled in the mud and was worse than she had been from the beach.

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