Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Three dogs and three kids

Two very contented trios ready for a busy week ahead.smudge is her usual self when othe dogs staying she will try for attention and if she doesn't get it she takes the huff by either sticking her nose in the air or walking off shaking a toy. Minnie knows Smudge is boss and accepts that but doesn't take too kindly of Daisy trying to take over. Daisy on the other hand is very happy to climb over Smudge for attention as she knows she will get away with it most of the time but she is wary of Minnie, as a result they slept in two separate sofas.
Minnie loves the attention and cuddles from the girls and Will likes to walk her. I think she is starting to see the benefits here.
Anna off to a good start having cut out her pattern pieces and fabric pieces today as well as learning the theory. She also discovered that even patterns can have errors, which we discovered in good time otherwise her pattern would have been side ways on her skirt.

Will didn't stop for a break this morning determined to get the first coat of Annie Sloan s Antoinette chalk paint complete.
First attempt at chalk painting and it's perfect.

Poppy had lots of fun at kid zone and then they all had a great time at Aurora leisure pools whilst I got some crochet done from the viewing gallery.

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