Saturday, 24 October 2015

Dollshouse and Miniature Exhibition with craft fair in aid of Kiwoko Hospital in Uganda

It reminded me of my wedding where there is lots of planning, you sit back for months and then it's all business again.
The event was extremely successful and everything went to plan. I owe so many people for this smooth running as I couldn't have done it without firstly the wonderful church halls at Sydenham Methodist church. The fundraising team helpers from Setrust and my coffee and craft ladies as well as my dear friends. We raised £1877.39 in aid of Kwioko hospital in Uganda

Lighthouse by Linda Hamilton
Building and needlework by Mr and Mrs M Mial.

A young girl called Rachel managed to get all the answers in the Dollshouse competition and won herself a 1975,s fully furnished Lundby Dollshouse. Jo Crawford one of the jewellery exhibitors came second winning the 1970's Caroline's home which he is delighted to be able to share with his grand daughters.

My large Denaway dollhouse, a work in progress.this was purchased many years ago partially constructed as a proposed entire meant venture.

My two cottages above And below I constructed under the guidance and instruction of Rik Pierce. I recommend you look at his other designs at Frogmorton studios, a very incredibly talented man willing. To pass in his skills to folk like me.

Some smaller items I made designed by Valerie (France)and Jane Harrop(England)

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