Sunday, 22 November 2015

Autumn tidy up

Despite the continuing budding of plants winter is creeping in so J has been tidying the garden and removing the window boxes etc. I decided to clear out indoors so started in the attic, unfortunately that came to a halt when I developed a chest infection and was il, for two weeks so the attic is still appealing to me. Think I will have to use a mask next time.
Smudge also needed a tidy up and always gets very anxious about getting groomed so J decided to bring the groomer to her so she wouldn't be away from home long and hopefully less stressed. She sits here watching what was going on in the drive way.
All seems to have gone well but will be interested to see if she gets anxious next time.

Christmas is almost upon us and we have really little idea of plans but some cards are made and presents wrapped. Lots of November birthdays also
Very little time to get out and about but J and I managed to see the James Bind movie which was excellent and B and I got caught up over lunch and coffee as well as the movie The lady in the van. It was our first visit to Binkys coffee shop which we would highly recommend.

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