Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas gifts and more

We don't have many gifts to buy but even my Christmas cards I consider as gifts as I like to make them myself either from. Scratch or recycled cards.
The friend I made these for just loved them but never laughed so much when I walked she was wearing them upside down so next year must remember to attach instructions for use.(above) the yarn was from Lulus stash online store- rumba stylecraft DK with some buttons from my stash which probably date back around forty to fifty years. Matching cowl from a completely different designer below.
These items were fairly quick to make and more so in crochet than previously knit. Items.
These above are also in stylecraft DK with more modern buttons.
The mits above were done in stylecraft Aran parchment with the matching slouchy beanie again from different designers in parchment DK and various odds and ends of stylecraft DK and buttons.the slouchy beanie is by Sarah Jane designs, an American pattern and the mits by
Shortbread for the neighbours and this year I got some lovely cranberry,orange and cinnamon jelly from a new neighbour which was such a treat.
Then for Christmas Day 

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