Monday, 7 December 2015

Getting ready for Christmas

This used to be such a mad busy time I had to start getting organised in September. However kids got older and moved in to have their own kids which meant less presents to buy. Working part time also gave me more time to make gifts.i did make some this year but of course can't display them and ruin the surprise.
Smudge loves opening presents so when we start putting the decorations it's like opening presents and she gets so excited. Her Christmas toys also come down from the attic.
So many boxes that all have to go back up into the attic again until January.
She loves wearing her Christmas scarf which was a gift many years ago from my niece Lucy and she loves the Christmas music.
Even the kitchen is decorated with the little lights we got at Mountstewart last year to set it off.
Second year for our tree and it survived it's nap well with all lights sparkling. I keep it on constant mode though.
Smudge tries to open an early delivery, almost certain its for her but disappointed when she realises its for me. A new cover for my sewing machine.

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