Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Cooking and craft

Do you ever get fed up eating the same things and buying the same groceries? I have opted out of my big grocery shop as I have found I just buy and cook the same things.i have wondered the Isles looking for something different.i think I may just do an online shop now once a month but since I have lots of time during the day I will aim to shop locally more often. These little mini cupcakes above are banana and walnut.The curry below with more of an Indian flavour is chicken and spinach to give me some energy at a time of year when we all want to curl up on a sofa away from the weather and sleep.
Sea bass with tomato and garlic and asparagus cooked just as I like it with crispy tips

Quite a variety of craft going on this week as cards and gifts required for birthdays.

I also decided to tidy the craft room which has turned out to be a major task and may go on for some weeks.

Smudge had her routine vaccines and remembered the surgery immediately going into a panic and peeing all over J, but she was forgiven
Time to catch up with family which can be exhausting for some.
But fun at the same time especially when there are new toys.

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