Saturday, 30 January 2016

Patchwork past, present and future

Patchwork is one of the many crafts I have dabbled in over the years. I keep coming back to it and though I am self taught and have so much to learn,I have managed to teach others.
I have completed small and large projects by hand and by machine. I can spot my many errors but then are they errors or unique touches!.in the last few weeks I have attended a small group in my local town and have gained so much knowledge from the tutor and fellow attendees and hope to go along to the patchwork guild next week.

I am also seriously considering city and guilds course in patchwork. Yes there are many courses I could do in health care if I was given the chance but the way the NHS is going and many years of refusals I give up on that. Creative crafts have so much more to offer including improving my well being and mental health.
This is my first quilt which has had a lot of abuse on my sofa the last 15-20 yrs. The broken arrow pattern I picked up in California.

This present project is a design from the fennel shed in Buncrana called Wendy's quilt and after a few initial problems with pieces of pattern missing and not enough fabric I am working away.

I also have a quilt in progress for my bed using very cheap fat quarters and curtain lining.
It will be my first sample of free motion quilting. I have purchased two new feet for my machine of which the quarter inch is already proving to be a dream.looking forward to using the stitch in the ditch foot also. To really go back in time below is a photo of patchwork I started approximately 36 years ago.
In. The midst of this is fabric from a night dress I made in high school, my mums sundress,fabric from a clown fancy dress I made in my teens,fabric from my o level needlework,my mums kitchen curtains I made,my bridesmaid dress for my cousin Mandy's wedding,and even some from my present hall curtains I made 24 yrs ago.

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