Thursday, 25 February 2016


I am just loving this new City and guilds course I am doing in design and patchwork. The tutor is online which means I get to plan my own schedule but she is there if I need her. She gives me the impression this first part of the course is one that most students detest but I am rather enjoying it. I get to play with all sorts of mediums which I also just happen to have. If you are a crafter you will be familiar with the phrase when shopping " I will buy this as I may need it sometime" well the time has come for many of my purchases and now that my craft room is reasonably well organise I can find just what I want.
HVing my desk set up for my course makes it so much easier as I can walk out close the door and it won't move before I get back!
I still have lots of time for my crochet and patchwork as well as working on the big sock.
Finished this little guy next week for a gift but already u der pressure. To produce one for the Easter raffle. Will I or won't I?
This little piece of patchwork will turn into a bag to go along with another crochet creature for another gift

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