Sunday, 13 March 2016

N.I Big Sock on tour

St Georges Market, Belfast

You will get further details of this project from previous posts (or check out the official face book page )but in the last week we have been getting out and about raising awareness and many have picked up new skills by completing hexagons for the project.
St George's Market
Then it was off to the Folk and Transport museum to teach this skill that was more practical in the early 19th century rather than something for fun as due to finances everything had to be recycled so last years tattered clothes became this years new bed linen.
Many took a new interest and others were not so new to the skill.

Look out for us at our next venue which might be close to you

Ballydugan  weavers cottage for today's event.


  1. Hi, I picked up a template at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum in March and have a pile of hexagons for you. Annoyingly, I've lost the address to post them to. Please can you let me know at Thanks!

  2. Hello Emma - Just in case you haven't found out yet - you can drop hexagons into any Zip Yard store in NI. Thank you for your help.