Friday, 29 April 2016

From emulsion painting to oil painting

The painting above was a challenge from a fellow Kiwoko supporter. Trevor ensured me I could do a still life for his golf raffle at the end of May and so I thought I would give it a go. It took me a while playing with one of Jonathan's clubs,tee and ball in the back yard until I got the composition I wanted. I have no idea how long it took to complete as it sat on the easel on the kitchen table for weeks as I added a little every few days when it had dried adequately in between. The album sign of craft or painting ceased as I decided to revamp my guest room to make more space for craft. The double bed went off to a charity who help the homeless whom you can find in Facebook called "Fed and Warm" along with quilt pillows and bed clothes. Whilst I wait for my new day bed I have emulsions all walks with Dulux cotton white. I thought I would make new curtains but by the time I laundered the present ones I felt they may do another 25yrs!.
I almost forgot I did make this little guy for a gift for my cousin in USA. I posted it surface mail to cut the cost as I sent it 6 weeks in advance and would you believe it arrived in 4 days. I may not have been doing much craft but I was still receiving donations for the N.I Big Sock.

We were delighte to be invited to the crafting event. At the Titanic exhibition centre and met so many. Lovely ladies who are already working away on hexagons and some more day to start.
We have had sunny days and freezing cold days as well as some snow but since I didn't have time to be out and about it didn't really matter. Smudge wasn't bothered either as she was having problems with her leg and had to undergo investigations and some treatment which is still not complete

We are thankful there is no sign of arthritis but she still has a limp so still requiring some protection and spooling which is what we do best anyway. She may have cartilage trouble but. There is still the possibility of some ACL damage.
She was a start though and seems less anxious now at the vets than previously.

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