Friday, 29 April 2016

N.Ireland Patchwork Guild at Mossley Mill

I am a fairly new member to the guild but have gained so much inspiration from the members.
Their exhibition  on "memories" was amazing. It's always interesting to see each individual's take on a subject. It would be impossible to say which was the best as each one involved different skills and ideas.  Do hope you are able to read the name of each quilter. This particular one I loved the randomness of it.

This one above shows the light and dark well and the skill in making circles remain like circles after stitching to me is a skill in itself.

The quilting in this one was so perfect and I particularly liked the fabric used. It reminded me of an old Indian one I did a number of years back.
I love applique on quilts as it really does tell a story then.
I have a particular interest in old quilts and although the one above isn't old it's compiled of many old table covers that were embroidered a long time back.

The quilt on the left was bold and determined to make a statement.i loved it as do my friend who accompanied me.i especially liked the odd 3D poppy. The one on the right impressed me because of the felting involved. Having tried this myself I am aware of the work involved.
There were a number of quilts were photographs were printed into the fabric. Whilst not something I would choose its a wonderful heirloom and way to keep family history. I scrapbook and see this as a similar way to keep memories on hold.
Printing on fabric is only something I have done when working in miniature but must try again in a larger scale some time.
I actually seen this one by Janet as a workin progress and the way she matched the fabrics to portray the individual cats was incredible.thehand stitching is also to perfection.
I embroidered long before I quilted but live to see the two skills combined.
Mossley mill was a lovely exhibition area both inside and outside the building as so pleasantly landscaped. Parking was easy and a coff shop on hand. I will be back even to walk my dog in the area if not to visit the theatre or peruse the museum again. No one is left out as there is also a little play area indoors for the smaller kids. A big thank you to the ladies of the Guild for organising and displaying their quilts.

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