Sunday, 10 April 2016

Spring with the National Trust- The Argory and Mountstewart

This time of year causes a lot of conflict for me. I want to be outside walking with Smudge exploring the beautiful countryside we have here in N.Ireland but at the same time I want to be inside crocheting or sewing. Hopefully if we get a decent Summer I can combine the two but the weather is still indecisive where when outside you need to keep in the move.
Yesterday I took mum and Smudge to the Argory where there was a bit of a food celebration and in particular the orchards of Co.Armagh which is my home county. I didn't get to taste as on a body cleanse diet this week but didn't stop me buying to try later. Despite Smudges wonky. Hip she enjoyed her walk. Mum still in her boot for her fractured foot also managed to get around and had a house tour.
Smudge and I stayed outside and took a walk along Tiver Blackwater.
I enjoyed watching the demos and chatting to sellers.

It was quite warm when in the sun but needed gloves in the shade
Mountstewart is afternoon, our local Trust property where we are very familiar with the seasons. It was unusual to see four adult swans todY so a couple must have been visiting.

We did the woodland walk although it's still a bit mucky as the sun not getting to a few areas yet.

Smudge loves the smells here.

We met some lovely people who stopped to chat, westie lovers,who reminisced in their previous puppies.
Of course Dmidge appreciated their comments.

Again quite warm in the sun but still nippy in the shade

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