Friday, 13 May 2016


I am presently trying to finish quilt projects as well as work on my City and Guilds course in design and patchwork. Therefore no matter where I am going I seem to have threads hanging from my clothes.
The quilt above is a pattern and fabric from the Fennel Shed which has been in my to do list for a couple of years.
I have been playing around with papercraft stamps on fabric rather than purchase blocks for fabric printing.
The fabrics I have then used in my coursework.

Smudge loves me handsewing as she can cuddle up beside me but hates me in my sewing room on the machine.
I attended the N.Ireland patchwork guilds workshop for May and learned a lot regarding reversible patchwork.
I had decided to make something I could use so my reversible table runner has a regular side nd a Christmas side
An amazing technique I hope to replicate for throw.

Would also be a great way to use up scraps of fabric.

Above Ann demonstrates how to apply the smashing and again both sides done together.

Blocks completed above ready to attach is much easier if the smashing on both sides is the same as you can then make the border the same, but of course mine were different!

Back to the coursework again making a folded patchwork sample with my hand dyed and printed fabrics.

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