Wednesday, 22 June 2016

City and Guilds Design and Patchwork

I have just completed module 2 of the level 2 City and guild in design nd patchwork so it's at this time where I feel pleased to have completed but anxious for my tutors evaluation. The course has to be completed in 2 yrs but they reckon it's possible in 8 months. There are four modules and I have managed the first two in four months.
I have started module 3 which focuses more in design so I have left my Elna in for servicing as my Slfa will be good enough for this part of the course which I have started off with jewellery.
Paper beads made from scrapbooking paper and alternating silver like beads from my Dollshouse hobby.
I have managed a few rows of crochet on my cosey blanket and some hexagons for the N,Ireland big sock. Hilary has interested me in a patchwork bag which I plan to do and alter the size.
Fabrics for the big I got in The skip,Newtownards.
Some calories worked off also in the garden.

I have plans to eventually remove all of the back lawn so the flower beds are increasing. I will eventually have a sewing shed on. The foundations that were put. In an age ago and then a stone path from it to the back patio.the back patio is a real mess right now and needs relaid. The noise with the new development which is being built is unbearable at the moment so even though we have wonderful weather during the week I have to have the windows closed.

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