Thursday, 9 June 2016

Coursework and countryside

I love to see the changes in the seasons as we walk in our usual haunts but I am also very relaxed hid away in my work room at my sewing machine. I am thoroughly enjoying this design and patchwork course and regret having to leave it all in the evening to go to work.
J has worked hard jan the garden this year with very little help from me.

Smudge loves the garden although I do feel it's more out of nosiness as it gives her a better view of the neighbourhood.

Unfortunately we will lose quite a bit of our countryside this summer as they are starting to build houses in the fields behind us. I have enjoyed looking over the fields at the cows as I sit at my machine.
It was lovely to see our first family of blue tits take over our burden house this year and hope all this building doesn't scare off the wildlife we have enjoyed for many years.

Back to the sewing machine and as well as the coursework some items for charity to be made.

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