Thursday, 9 June 2016


There is barely a week doesn't go by that we haven't been here at least once and at least this is one place there isn't likely to be any building work disrupting the beauty of the countryside.

No matter what the weather there are always changes to remark on here. We are looking forward to more trails being available as we have probably tired every inch of what is open at present.

Two families of swans this year but we missed the first lot hatching and just noticed the second nest on the opposite side of the lake.

The art class had a wonderful morning painting and I got to join them for lunch. The food is always good but unfortunately for a regular visitor like me can get boring as very standardised not as it was with the previous chef who had a greater variety of food.
Smudge has recovered well from her leg injury but with the heat at the moment she is just zapped at the end of the day.

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