Thursday, 9 June 2016

Open Day at Clandeboye Estate

Isn't it amazing how we can live so near places and yet never have explored them. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful pat of N.Ireland and enjoyed the opportunity to wander around the estate, especially with the weather we are having.

I really had no idea what was behind the walls and never imagined so much open meadow and beautiful lake.

It was unfortunate that dogs were not allowed but at the same time it was probably too hot for Smudge to tolerate.

When I was a child I spent hours lost in the countryside near where we lived, not a safe thing for kids today unfortunately.

My friend Jacqueline and I used to lie on the grass and make plans for our future, dreams of course that wher never likely to be fulfilled but fun none the less.  Unfortunately Jacqueline has passed from this world way before we would ever have imagined at that young age.

We really enjoyed exploring the grounds and gardens and although there are not so many plants and flowers as we are used to in Mountstewart this place had its own beauty.

These sort of properties appear very lonely even with many guests such as a day like this but I strain to imagine the hustle and bustle of staff that would have been many years ago to maintain this estate.

I found the graveyard interesting as it was obvious. Some folk were not actual family members but friends and visitors.

Old graves like this fascinate me just as much as my own family history. Along the trail we also found the family pets headstones.

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