Friday, 1 July 2016

A Visit to Bangor Castle and Walled Garden

I gave always been aware of the castle as I visited Bangor as a young child. I never imagined I would live a few miles away because visiting the beach for me was like a holiday as Co Armagh so inland and without a car it felt like the other side of the world. In those days there wasn't even a direct train.
I had never thought of the castle as a residence and so found the tour very interesting and also the fact it was actually the third castle on the grounds.
It was explained to use how each member of he family had a coat of arms which all look so regal in stained glass, that is for one exception. One lady, a commoner dared to marry into the family and so a coat of arms had to be designed. The ugly one bottom right with what us supposed to resemble whales as these sounded like her name.
The castle is mostly offices now and a log of lower ground unused but this ceiling us articulately beautiful.
The remaining architecture in and out certainly displays the wealth of previous residents.
The walled garden has been restored to beyond the level it would have been in its day when there appeared to be more lawn and less beds.

I have a recollection of the walls as a child but little else as was used for storage.

My favourite part is the fountain which is to tell of the industry of the town. The mills were part of the reason the present castle is further from the town.

Wild flower and herbs also feature

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