Sunday, 3 July 2016

To Make or Create

These two words are interchangeable and yet if we look back in time they have a very different meaning. We wandered through some open gardens today as part of the Ukster Open Garden scheme and as I looked around at the varieties of plants with their own distinct beauty and intricacies I was in awe of Gods creation. The photograph above was taken some time ago when I was in Chengdu,China with some friends. This reserve was almost destroyed the following year by an earthquake. I was struck by this mural at the entrance quoting a very popular children's chorus reminding us of creation and yet the all important part was missing " THE LORD GOD MADE THEM ALL". In a country that chooses to hide Christianity it can't hide Gods creation.
Some people maybe considered as having green fingers, might I add, I am not one of them. However as much as there is skill in arranging plants to give a scene of beauty it's the creator that has the skill to design such colour and detail that gives enjoyment as well as providing food for us and insects,etc.
That is to be praised. We maybe the makers but not the creator.

 Man over the years has developed and built many ingenious things but in the process has probably caused more destruction. Man has been created but in forgetting his creator has got out of control. Scientists, not all, are interfering with nature causing plant life and animal alike to become extinct. They are becoming so engrossed with being the best they are altering those things God has created to a point they are endangering life. We are seeing more mutations, genetic abnormalities and increases in cancers. We don't even really know what we are consuming any more.
It's reassuring to see people working organically and taking time to make things rather than purchasing from larger companies whether it be food stuffs or other household items.

Obviously we are all trying to stretch our budgets and there are so many cheaper items out there but sometimes cheaper is not the most economical or healthy in the long run.

Many open gardens allow us to have an inexpensive afternoon out and also raise money for charity.

It was lovely to visit a smaller garden today within a housing development as more realistic ideas for those of us who do not have acres to plant.
Check out and see where you can visit near you

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