Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Back in Connecticut with the American side of the family

After all the noise this summer it's great to be away and to somewhere familiar and peaceful. Both flights went to plan with excellent service on board. Jen and Debbie collected us at JFK to J's relief as he isn't a traveller like me familiar with hopping in and off public transport. We arrived just in time to see Kate before she was heading back to college. Not a lot of change since I was in New Haven in September apart from Reagan who really has had a growth spurt. 

Moving on then to Tolland to auntie Margarets. Uncle Al waiting patiently to go out to dinner. Due to the service on board this was our fourth meal of the day at Vernons an old favourite. Above breakfast out with Karyn surprising us on arrival.

Scout hasn't been so well since my last visit but happy to see us as was copper.

Great to meet the new editions below.

Bruce gave us a tour of Swiss.about five years since I visited the plant and lots happening with a new extension coming soon.

Meanwhile back in Ireland Smudge is having her holiday

Love the fresh corn here and then out to Kloters farm for ice cream.

I think J is starting to fall for my American home and we have only been here a day.

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