Monday, 15 August 2016

Craft and coursework

I am going back to June prior to the beginning of the Rivenwood development because once it started I couldn't bare to be t home with the Rockbreaking noise to do any craft
Hilary and I were working on craft caddy bags. I got some fabric from the skip in Newtownards. We started by quilting the pieces that made up the bag and the handles.
There was a different fabric for lining but I decide to mix and match these a bit so sometimes the lining became the min colour.
Hilary chose a denim. Linda solo keen to make the caddy bag but in the meantime working
On some crochet.i also went back to my Sophie and Smudge happy to supervise.
Feedback was good in module two so I started module three which was back to some experimental design using a mixture of materials.
Log cabin patchwork using card
Weaving with ribbon and pipe cleaners

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