Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Kids are here- 1st day Portaferry Aquarium

One dog left and bother came. Smudge generally huffing!! But the kids are having a ball.kidzone in the morning for Poppy and Lucy whilst I do dressmaking with Anna and Will does gardening with J. We had our picnic at Bars Bay before heading to Portaferry.

It was the opening of the aquarium. The best deal being a family ticket booked in advance online. I wasn't overly impressed.
The kids enjoyed it but I think all of the money has gone into new tanks with pirate theme.

There is a small low level open tank just within reach of even a five yr olds hands which to me was for touching. Which the kids did until someone eventually came over and said not to put your hand in as could be dangerous!!

The reptile area isn't labelled which is disappointing as kids like to be informed and if you are not there for the talk which we weren't because by the time we got back round through the crowds again it was over then you have to guess.

The audiovisual area is not set up yet and neither is the games area. One member of staff said he didn't even know what it was suppose to be.

It was lovely to see the seals in the hospital bay but there weren't any outside. It was fun though to watch the otters.

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