Saturday, 24 September 2016

Out and about in Co Down as Summer is ending

Elephants and pigs are my two favourite animals after my dog of course. No elephants in Co Down but plenty of pigs. I feel so fortunate to live in this area.
We are regular visitors to the Ulster folk and transport museum whether it's just for a walk with Smudge or to demonstrate some traditional patchwork. These little pigs reside in the farm there and I do plan to paint some pig pictures soon.
There is so much in in this area throughout the summer I find myself spoilt for choice. The red hot chilli pipers came to Donaghadee and although I hadn't coped by well with noise over the summer with the work behind my house this was much more acceptable in Donaghadee.
We even found some Pokemon at the concert and had some hot chocolate at the end of the evening when it was getting a bit chilly. It's almost end of September and I am still in my flip flops, weather wise it has been my kind of weather. My travels to family in Connecticut, USA and Weymouth, England did help.
Back to Cultra folk park to their present exhibit on Irish dancing. I have always been fascinated by the dancing but even more so the embroidery detail on the clothing. Having grown up in Portadown in a school that was considered Protestant I feel I lost out a lot on the Irish culture that my ancestors would have enjoyed. I try to make up for it now.
I am trying to incorporate gaelic design in any future designs I make especially quilting.
What I did notice about the older costumes was the heavy fabric that I am sure would have been cumbersome and not as comfortable as some of today's costumes.
I forgot to take a photo of the wonderful wicker sculpture outside the building of an Irish dancer.

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