Friday, 25 November 2016

What we did with stack and whack technique.

A few ladies from the N.Ireland Patchwork Guild got together to work in the stack and whack technique which is shown online by Bethany Reynolds. It was a fun day and amazing to see how fabrics with different designs brought out more designs.
This fabric I had bought a few years ago in Joanns in USA. It's great to be able to use stuff from your stash.
 Stacking but being precise, well almost! I am not a perfectionist but then I do not make to sell. Also if you are using up fabric it may not always be exactly what you need so you have to improvise. 

It is amazing the positions we get into. 
I hadn't planned what I was going to make 
just make a few motifs then see how my 
fabric stretched.

I love learning new techniques and then seeeing how I can use them so I prefer not to look at other people's over all designs.

Great to get advice from friends as you progress and even 
Better to learn from their mistakes so you don't make your own.



A nice idea from Esme so didn't take too much fabric or time.

So many different patterns. I'm not sure about my patterns although not very clear kaleidoscope still apparent.

 I loved them all and can't wait to see finished items from the members. I am determined to get more projects finished so although a little rushed pleased with my finished product.
The other fabrics I had from my stash complimented very well and they will match my sewing/ craft room perfectly.

And for the finished quilt... don't look too close at the points and the tension and stitching isn't always perfect but I love it just the same.


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