Thursday, 19 January 2017

Doggy Companions

 What can I say...Smudge being my closest companion next to the hubby of course. She is so understanding, sympathetic and cuddly. She can huff at times but then that just shows her intelligence. Minnie who I imagine considers our home as her holiday home is probably Smudges best friend. However you need to carefully consider Smudges criteria for a canine friend: they recognise her as too dog, they hate everything with her but expect nothing in return, they need her permission to sit in the same chair but only if there is more than adequate space for Smudge to stretch out first, they support her against all other canines and walk alongside her making no fuss.

Minnie and Smudge both accept my crafting and never interfere or sniff with materials. They interrogate all visitors before agreeing to their visit then settle down to their favourite pose when they get bored.

 Grand mothers are a particular favourite but nit so sure about cousins of the canine variety. Smudge happy to tolerate Gismo and Minnie is not. Smudge has decided Lola went a step to far after chewing her tail when all Smudge was doing was sampling her food.
The girls are not too happy in Winter when I close the curtains as they can't watch for J coming home so they discovered if they sit half way up the stairs they can watch through the front door pane.
The new trails have been open at Mountstewartfor some time but after Smudges issues with her knee it's only now we are starting longer walks so we set out on the longest of the trails to the blue route. I was pleasantly surprised and will be out in those trails in my next visit.
 Smudge walked so well investigating the new environment and particularly enjoyed the river at the Folly.
I hadn't been aware of the piggery and would be lovely to see a new roof on it and maybe some artificial pigs at some time to encourage kids to go to it.
 The play area is still under construction but looking good.

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