Monday, 13 February 2017

Patchwork and more with Yvonne McAtamney

 It's winter so what does that mean for you? I think of soups stews and sitting indoors doing craft. It's been Patchwork essentially with some crochet thrown in recently.
This is a cross between Patchwork and crochet. I had a lovely time with the long lane hookers getting back into this project I started last year with stylecraft alpaca year.

This month at the Oatchwork Guild we had Yvonne McAtamney speaking to us about where she gets her inspirTion and showing off her quilts. I love to see other people's ideas and it encourages me to be more creative.

 The fine silk threads and delicate applique was amazing. Interesting to hear how she matches her thread with her fabric. Her pieces reminded me of my trip to China and visits to the temples and museums there, seeing in the Geisha girls at the summer palace.

 It was unfortunate there were so few at the workshop but I generally don't do Sundays. For those who do do Sundays why are workshops not attended. What puts off those with advanced experience and those with little experience and how do you get the right balance.

I continue to work on N.I Big Sock and some members have added to our supply

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