Sunday, 19 February 2017

So what's install for you this year craftwise?

 We all need to get the right balance in our lives and that very depends on whether we have dependents to consider, employment we have to work round then down to the basics of eatingsleeping and cleaning. I had already decided this year is a year of finishing but that doesn't mean I can't start something new after all those other priorities, such as new babies born requiring gifts can be a priority that prompt a new project. I made a great start by finishing two projects at Glenada but starte a new crochet blanket this week as I am low on baby boy items. I haven't done C2C for a while and forgot how quick it is even with colours to change.

Having finished my City and Guilds in patchwork and design successfully I am not finished with sewing yet and plan to share some basic skills to those who are interested on various Wednesday evenings. We won't necessarily be making an item but learning basic skills and sampling different techniques that could be used for a larger project.

I will get back to my genealogy and scrapbooking but have lots to sort before I even get to putting photos on paper. The years go by so fast and although my age is keeping up my available time doesn't seem to be. I had completed a small workshop with Jenny Rayment and decided to turn the samples into a small hanging for my craft room. It hasn't quite earned the wall yet but it is complete.
 I did a little of my own fiddling and folding for borders to add to the two samples as I really didn't want cushions. The calico I got from Emlress Mills suited perfectly.
Coffee and craft has been mostly crochet recently but open to any crafters.

 This blanket gives a very different but equally beautiful design on each side. It draws me back to interlocking crochet but I don't plan to start any new ones right now as much as I enjoy them.

Thinking back to balancing life we also need some time out and nothing better for me than a walk with Smudge in Mountstewart. There is so much choice now with all the new added trails and as the weather improves the crochet can come along too as lots of quiet places to sit. 1/7th of my week is my paid employment so that gives me lots of time for exercise, craft, Bible study and all the basic things we must do so I consider myself extremely rich! Richness for me does not come from monetary gain.


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